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App of the Week: KMPlayer for iOS and Android

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App of the Week: KMPlayer for iOS and Android by

It plays a ton of different formats, supports subtitles, and uses gestures for playback. This week’s App of the Week is KMPlayer.
KMPlayer is a well-known video player, especially for Windows users. The version for iPhone and iPad is a bit limited, but it still has some really great features.
KMPlayer for iOS plays a ton of different formats, including MP4 , MTS , mov, avi, asf, divx, and 3gp, although we’ve run into a few problems trying to play some of the files.
KMPlayer will automatically integrate subtitles, and you can even edit the way they appear.
Two great details of the app? You can mark videos as favorites to access them quicker, as well as continue playing the video file in the background.
The KMPlayer multimedia library detects all videos on your camera roll, along with any videos you’ve synced using iTunes. You can even transfer videos from your computer using the same program.
The playback controls are classic but with added features. You have the Airplay icon integrated in the app, a button to change the aspect ratio, and one to control playback speed, speeding up or slowing down the video. You can also access lock screen orientation within the app.
The best part of KMPlayer for iOS is gesture control. Sliding your finger from left to right lets you jump ahead or go back in the video. Swiping up and down lets you adjust the volume.
Although we wouldn’t mind a few mores gestures to control playback, KMPlayer is a good alternative to play movies and videos on your iOS device. KMPlayer is also available for Android.

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