A Movie Theater in Your Pocket: KMPlayer Goes Mobile

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KMPlayer offers all kinds of benefits and value on desktop, but with the release of KMPlayer for Android, you can now take this powerful media player with you wherever you go! Whether you want to watch movies or stream video content, KMPlayer for Android can make it happen. It’s like a movie theater in your pocket! Below are just some of the features of this awesome app:

KMP Connect Provides Streaming Support for Your Movies

A Movie Theater in Your Pocket: KMPlayer Goes Mobile

One of the biggest innovations in the KMPlayer for Android app is that it offers you the chance to stream movies from your home PC to your mobile device. This is achieved through KMP Connect, a service found within the mobile app. After you set up your account through a simple three-step process, you can connect to your home PC through your Android mobile device and access your movies from virtually anywhere that has an Internet connection. This means no more loading up your SD card with large files and no more long file transfer times.

File Information

One of the major problems with having a variety of files on your Android device is that they can become difficult to identify over time, especially if they are given generic file names. When searching for a specific video file, you may spend more time looking for the right file as opposed to actually watching it. KMPlayer for Android solves this issue by providing you with a number of organizational features, including the ability to break down file categories by date, by file, by category, and more. This means that you’ll be able to access your media faster and more efficiently so that you can spend more time enjoying it.

Gestures and the Locking Feature

On-screen controls are a big help when watching movies on mobile devices, but they can also be distracting and get in the way due to accidental touching of the screen. To solve this, KMPlayer for Android not only features gesture controls, allowing you to swipe on the screen to make changes to things like volume, but it also features a lock function. When you initialize the lock function, the playback becomes completely controlled by gestures instead of simply touching the screen. This ultimately saves you from accidentally getting too close when holding your phone, something that could result in the on-screen controls popping up and ruining the scene.

Take a look at this video to learn how to: Watch Multiple Videos in KMPlayer

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