KMPlayer introduces Connect media streaming

Jonathan Riggall


Popular music and video app KMPlayer has been updated with a new feature called Connect, turning your PC into a media server so that you can access your files remotely from Android and iOS apps.

KMPlayer connect is not a cloud service – instead, it streams over the web from your PC to your device. The developer claims that this is faster than most cloud services, although it only works when your PC is turned on. When you activate Connect, you get an automated PIN number and assign a password. With these two codes, you can access files from any other device that has KMPlayer installed. This also means that you can share your files with anyone you give the pin and password to.

KMPlayer introduces Connect media streaming

KMPlayer is a free app for Windows, Android and iOS. Like BS. Player and VLC media player, it supports tons of file types and codecs, so you can watch and listen to almost any music or video without worrying about conversion. KMPlayer Connect means that you don’t need to store big movie files on your mobile device, although streaming could be costly unless you’re using Wi-Fi.

Download KMPlayer for Windows, Android and iOS.

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