Speaking Different Languages: Syncing Subtitles in KMPlayer

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When it comes to video playback, KMPlayer offers extensive tools, including the ability to sync subtitles. This comes in really handy when you come across a film that is in a different language or in a language that you don’t speak fluently. Syncing subtitles is also great for when you want to share movies with friends that are in your language but not theirs. In addition, subtitles can be used by people who are experiencing difficulty with their hearing to enjoy a film like everyone else, and syncing them means that the viewer can choose for the subtitle to appear before or after an event for easier viewing.

How to Sync Subtitles in KMPlayer

Speaking Different Languages: Syncing Subtitles in KMPlayer

To check out your options, open the Main Menu and click on Subtitles. This will bring up the Subtitles Menu list to the right. From there, click on Subtitle Explorer. Once the Subtitle Explorer is open, you’ll be able to see all of the subtitles included with the film and their associated time codes. Using the markers in the top left corner of this window, you can then choose to change the time at which each subtitle appears on the screen.

Sync During Playback

Alternately, you can sync a subtitle during playback. Simply play the film and wait for the moment to which you would like to sync a particular subtitle. Once you hit that moment, pause the playback and open the Subtitle Explorer. Find the specific subtitle you want synced to that moment and press the S button in the Subtitle Explorer’s tool bar. This will bring up that specific subtitle at the moment you’ve selected during your next playback.

Editing Subtitle Text

There may be times in which you need to add your own subtitle to a video. This could be because the video does not have any subtitles associated with it or it could be because you want to point out something specific or clarify something for the viewer. In any case, KMPlayer allows you to easily add your own subtitle text.

Open the Subtitle Explorer and find the time in the video playback where you would like to add your subtitle. Next, click on the E button in the menu tool bar. This will open up a box where you can select the specific moment where you would like to add your subtitle, and you’ll also be given the ability to add your text. You also have the chance to change the format of the subtitle in this window as well.

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