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"How Kmplayer moderators solve Bugs?"

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I realy like Kmplayer, but some of the moderators/legendary members just simple retards ... 5-6 ppl reported a bug 1.5 - 2 years ago, and developers havent fix this yet (it would take about 10 mins or so, in the EXE file to let use NUM 1-9 as hotkey).

So I posted in 2 NOT similiar threads like ~bug report~, ~tech support~, I posted pictures, worked with the post, to show what IS the problem, and asking for help about it, maybe I can solve it easily by myself. They just deleted it, with a reason: SPAM ... 2 post was similar, and another was fully other BUT the same reason in ~new version come out~ 2 days before ... but they cant read of course :)

Now I got bann because of this post:

Did I use "strong words"? Did I repeat at least 3 times 1 post? No, it was 2 times, and I posted something else 2 days before that, so they cant count, also cant read :) and yes I've ben warned about "do not use strong words" - because I said in the previous post "is this a fucking joke?")

Oh yes and to prove they are trully stupid, read the whole post, especially this one, my favourite:

VictorVG just trully shows how stupid is he, at least MAD tried to help me ... (thanks for that!) ^^

And this is the private message I got from that idiot:

Maybe I cant read, so please show me where is the insult/bad word/spam in the topic:

(If they delete this post too nevermind! I've captured it already)

(And now I will be bad, because I will SPAM this for a few Kmplayer forum, maybe one of the moderators will read it, and kick out that idiot Pantuflo ^^ from moderators)

  • - Good player, plays almost everything
  • - Skinnable
  • - Tons of options
  • - Slow
  • - Need better PC for the same video as Media Player HC Classic need
  • - Crashes all the time, or just don't open video with ERROR
  • - Forum is totaly useless, no1 read it, no1 fix bugs, moderators are totaly retards...

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06 Jun 2010

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