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Help & Info about KMPlayer for windows

  • Is KMPlayer free to install onto my operating system?

    One of the most interesting features of this software is that while it is highly advanced, it is considered to be freeware. In other words, you will not be charged for a download.
  • How many languages are currently supported by KMPlayer?

    It is said that this bundle currently works together with 36 languages. It has also been marketed to more than 230 different countries. It is possible to select the operating language during the download process.
  • What types of files can KMPlayer work with?

    This player is quite universal in regards to the types of media files that it is able to support. Some examples include .WMV, .AVS, .AVI, .ASF and .FLV. In order to obtain a full list of supported codecs, users should visit the official homepage.
  • Is there a version of KMPlayer available for mobile phones?

    Due to the fact that KMPlayer has been downloaded more than 811 million times, there are versions available for both Android and iOS operating platforms. These apps can be accessed by visiting the Google Store or the Apple App Store.
  • What is the total file size of KMPlayer?

    While the features associated with this program are very impressive, the fact that it will only require 37.25 megabytes of free memory allows it to be a lightweight alternative to many other types of free media players currently on the market.
  • Will KMPlayer work together with VR files and similar types of programs?

    Another feature which has allowed this program to represent a worthwhile bundle is that it can work with virtual reality files. Users can obtain 360-degree views of their media (assuming that the files been coded to support VR playback). Please note that this application is known as KMPlayer VR and it is separate from the normal player.
  • Can I change the skins and the appearance of KMPlayer?

    Users have the option to modify the skins as well as the appearance of the interface. This enables them to customise their overall viewing experience within only a few simple steps.
  • Will I have to download an additional codec in order to use KMPlayer?

    This software package has been designed to work with the majority of most common media files types available on the market today. So, there is no need to download any type of dedicated codec once the bundle has been installed.
  • Are there any video editing tools available within KMPlayer?

    It is possible to edit videos thanks to the presence of user-friendly tools. Images can be sharpened, colours and hues can be adjusted and it is also possible to produce screen captures of specific segments. These can then be saved for viewing at a later time.
  • Is KMPlayer safe to download and free from malware?

    As this software is available for download at the Google Store and through the Apple App Store, it has been tested for viruses and other types of potential infections. It should be safe to use within your operating system.


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